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Custom closet organizers can help enhance your closet organization and storage space. Use our closet organizer online design tool to build closet systems that will fit your exact needs and desires. It's fast, it's easy and it's FUN!

Our closet organizers design tool is the easiest to use on the web. Create beautiful, custom closet organizers to your exact measurements.

And, unlike some closet design tools on other web sites, we DO NOT use Java for our design program.  You can feel secure knowing that our online closet design program has been safely used by thousands of customers to design custom closet organizers that meet their needs.

Closet Organizers for all areas of your home

Build your custom closet organizers online for walk-in closets, reach-in closets, pantry shelving, linen closets, office shelving, or any other area of the home or office that needs organizing.  Closet organizers are growing in popularity and are being promoted by personal organizers and interior designers as a "must have" for your home.

The Closet Organizers USA Difference

All our closet organizers have a shelving depth of 14 inches (except for the Hutch closet organizer units which are 24 inches deep on the bottom and 14 inches deep on top).  We use 2mm edge banding for a beautiful finished edge on all our closet organizers shelving and vertical panels (much thicker than the 1/2 mm edge banding used by our competitors). 

Our closet organizers have drawers that are constructed of solid wood with dovetail construction on all four corners (the best quality available on the web) and are preassembled to save you hours of time during the installation of your closet organizers.  No other closet organizer company offers this level of quality, convenience and value! 

Closet Organizers are shipped FREE!

Order your custom closet organizers online and have them shipped for FREE* to your home.  Save hundreds or even thousands over our competitors by installing your closet organizers yourself.

Closet Organizers USA can handle all your needs

If our online closet design system cannot handle your creative closet ideas or projects, our staff of closet designers can create closet organizers for you that suit your needs. Just download and fill out the Closet Organizer Custom Design Form and let your personal Closet Designer assist in making your dreams come true!  Or, call one of our closet organizer designers at our toll free number: 1-866-418-1328. 

Closet Organizers Accessories

We also offer a wide selection of closet accessories that let you customize your closet organizers even further.  Check out our online store of closet accessories today!  All accessories are discounted 15% and are shipped FREE to your home (regardless of the size of your order).

Closet Organizers makes it easy to organize your life by turning a cluttered closet, pantry, laundry room, garage or office into functional storage space using our closet systems. 

FREE shipping on all closet accessories to anywhere in the continental United States.  

Closet Organizers USA Complete Online Catalog

Closet Organizers USA CatalogPlease feel free to browse the Closet Organizers USA catalog online. It includes photos and descriptions of many of our closet organizers and closet accessories.

Also included in the catalog are examples of the available door and drawer front styles, hardware finishes, drawer pulls & knobs and shelving colors.

Many of these options are not included in our online design tool but can easily be added to your closet organizer design by simply calling one of our closer designers at our toll free number 1-866-418-1328.

Closet Organizers - FAQs

What are your closet organizers shelves made of?

We use Professional Grade Thermofused Melamine components for all our closet organizers. What does that mean, you ask? Basically, our closet organizers shelves are made of a fine-particle melamine laminate that is 3/4" thick. This performs better than other brands which contain larger particles and are only 1/2" or 5/8" thick. Also, our standard closet organizers use 2mm edgebanding on all our closet organizers shelves and verticals versus the 1/2 mm used by most of our competitors.

How deep are your closet organizers?

The standard depth for closet organizers is 14 inches. So, for simplicity sake, our online tool designs and prices closet organizers that are 14 inches deep. However, if your closet organizers need to be less or more than 14 inches deep, we can easily do that. Please call us at our toll free number for custom closet organizers that meet your needs.

How do your closet organizers attach to the wall?

Our online tool can help you design wall hanging closet organizers. These closet organizers units hang from the wall from a steel rail that you attach at approximately 80" from the floor. Each closet organizers vertical panel hangs from this rail and stops 12" from the floor.  All the closet organizers shelves, rods, drawers and baskets attach to the verticals. Very simple. Very easy. Very secure.

Do you sell closet organizers that stand on the floor?

Absolutely. Our online tool was designed to help you build wall hanging closet organizers. These are very popular for reach in closet organizers designs. For larger closets, many people choose a floor standing closet organizers design. We offer both styles of closet organizers and can design any style of closet organizers for you using our internal design tool.  We suggest that you build your closet design as a wall hung system using our online tool and, when you done tweaking your design, give us a call and we will redraw your design as a floor standing closet organizer and send you the drawings in a pdf file via email. 

Closet Organizers Reviews

Read an Independent Review of our Closet Organizers on

  • How to Organize a Master Closet - August 18, 2011
    My master closet is a mess. A huge, jumbled, no place to put anything, something in every nook and cranny, mess! When we bought this house a year and a half ago, we settled for a long, narrow closet to replace our huge walk in at the old house.  We wanted land.  We got land.  Sacrifices had to be made! From day 1, we have promised to do something about the black hole of the closet.  We have drawn out and visually created solutions to our storage problems.  We have gone to stores and looked at closet organizers.  We have contemplated building the whole darn thing ourselves! Read the entire closet organizer review.
  • How to Organize a Master Closet With Closet Organizers USA - August 27, 2011
    A week or so ago, I posted about our sad, disorganized, crammed master closet.  I told you that I had been to stores and found nothing that a) I could afford and b) I'd want to even spend my money on! I started searching online and came across Closet Organizers USA.  I was immediately intrigued by the beautiful systems they had pictured and really, REALLY, wanted my closet to look the same. I signed up for an account and clicked "Design Closet Organizer" to get started.  Though to use the system, you do not have to have an account!  Nice for those of us "window shopping".  I could design my closet, or two, like I did, and then organize it and reorganize it for hours...which I did. Read the entire closet organizer review.
  • How to Organize a Master Closet with Closet Organizers USA: The Delivery - September 15, 2011
    As you may know, I worked with Closet Organizers USA to plan and order my new master closet organizer! I was over the moon excited when I got notice just a week or so after ordering that my closet was ready to be delivered!  I just knew that this was going to make all the difference in our cramped, wasted space, closet!  And when I drove into my driveway from getting my kids from school and saw that my husband was already unloading the pallet, I was bubbling with excitement! The closet came neatly stacked and organized, the drawers wrapped individually to prevent scratching, in easy to manage sections.  Even I could easily lift the bundles that the parts were sorted in.  The color of the wood is beautiful and I am so happy that there was not a single scratch on any piece.  That just goes to the expert packing that went into making sure it shipped in tact. Read the entire closet organizer review.
  • How to Organize a Master Closet with Closet Organizers USA: The Results & The GIVEAWAY - September 19, 2011
    Ok, my faithful closet organizer followers, this is it.  The BIG reveal!  The moment you have all been waiting for!  My master closet makeover is compete thanks to Closet Organizers USA! It really has been quite a transformation.  We went from a cramped, impossible to use space to a beautiful, elegant, organized and with space still to fill closet!  And we could not be happier! Read the entire closet organizer review.

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