Closet Organizers Unit Details

BSKT-4 vert-72
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Shelves and Basket (1 - 6", 2 - 11", 1 - 17")

  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Basket Height: 1 - 6", 2 - 11", 1 - 17" (pull out on slide brackets)
  • Hanging Height: 84"
  • Actual Height: 82"
  • Depth: 14"
  • Width: 18", 24" or 30"

Price Range*

For Cherry shelving and Nickel hardware (change these options above):
  • Min width (incl 2 verts): 19.5"
    Cost: $455.91$419.17 $387.53$356.29 
  • Max width (incl 2 verts): 31.5"
    Cost: $673.10$618.26 $572.14$525.52 

* Prices above are based on using two vertical panels. If you have two units side-by-side in your closet organizers, they will share the inside vertical panel. This will reduce the overall cost of your closet organizers design.

This is a great closet organizers unit when you are looking to store items that are a little unconventional in size and shape. Many parents find these units useful for storing toys in their children's closet organizers.

These wire basket units are a wonderful addition to any pantry or laundry room organizer. Perfect for storing snack bags, detergent bottles, cleaning supplies, etc.

All our wire baskets are made of high quality materials and attach to your closet organizers with euro styled ball bearing slides.