Closet Organizer Types

Reach In Closet

This is the most common closet type and are usually found in hallways and bedrooms but can exist anywhere in the house. These closets are characterized by shallow depth with all shelving and other closet organizer units being oriented on the back wall. Although small in size, these closets can hold quite a lot if well organized.

Walk In Closet

A walk in closet offers the most space and as the name suggest, their defining characteristic is the ability to enter the closet. In addition to the rear wall, both side walls can be used for closet organizers. In some cases, all five walls can be utilized.

If your closet seems to fit more than one category, choose the one which will most affect its functionality.

If your closet has an unusual shape, a slanted ceiling, or you would just rather leave the closet design up to us, please use our FREE closet organizer design service. Our in-house closet designers use a more sophisticated closet design tool system that can accommodate any shape or size and would be happy to create the closet of your dreams.

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