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Closet Organizers Hang Bar (Short) with Shelves (3) and Shoe Shelves with Fences (2)

from Closet Organizers USA

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Front View

Side View

Hang Bar (Short) with Shelves (3) and Shoe Shelves with Fences (2)
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Slanted Shoe Shelves include metal Fences
  • Hanging Height: 84"
  • Panel Length: 48"
  • Depth: 14"
  • Width: 24" or 30"
Price Range*
For Caramel shelving and Bronze hardware (change these options above):
  • Min width (incl 2 verts): 19.5"
    Cost: $284.84 $242.11 
  • Max width (incl 2 verts): 37.5"
    Cost: $284.84 $242.11 

* Prices above are based on using two vertical panels. If you have two units side-by-side in your closet organizers, they will share the inside vertical panel. This will reduce the overall cost of your closet organizers design.

A nice combination of closet organizer units, the short hang with flat adjustable shelves and slanted shoe shelves is ideal for mixing hanging space with shelf storage in your closet. Used for hanging blouses, shirts, jackets and any number of other short items, the short hang is a staple for any well designed closet organizers.

Unlike our competitors closet organizers, our hang bar units come with a full 48" vertical panel with a smooth contoured cut on the bottom front of the panel. This avoids getting those nasty bruises on your elbows when walking through your closet. If you have children, this is a must have to avoid little heads banging into sharp corners.


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