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Closet Organizers Installation Guide

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3rd Step, continued

Holding the hanging rail/track in place against the wall, make a light pencil mark through the holes on the hanging rail where the studs are located. Next, pre-drill each spot where you have marked the track for wall stud locations. (Also be sure to pre-drill the hanging rail where wall studs are located in each corner).  You may need to drive the screws in on a slight angle in the corners to find the wall studs.

4th Step

Holding the track against the wall, drive the screws into each stud, securely fastening
the hanging rail to the wall studs.

5th Step

Prepare the verticals by attaching the Rail Claw using the pre-drilled holes at the top of the panel.  Hook the vertical panels on the hanging rail as per your closet design.

Next, insert the Cam Pins into the vertical panels per the attached drawing.  Insert the round Cam Locks into the pre-drilled holes of the cam shelves so that the open slot faces out.

There are (2) types of cam pins:

Type # 1 the short cam pins simply screw into the predrilled holes in the panel. These are used in end panels
or when there is NO other cam shelf used directly next to the cam shelf.

Type # 2 the long silver cam pins come in two pieces and screw together.  These pins are used on center panels when two cam shelves are used next to each other.

The cam shelves must be placed snugly against the panel before you tighten the cam fitting into the cam pin.

Simply insert your Phillips head
screwdriver into the screw head in the cam fitting and turn it clockwise one full turn (it will stop when tight DO NOT FORCE IT!!).

Repeat this process with all cam shelves.

6th Step

Next, insert the closet rod ends into the panels where indicated on the drawing.

Rods are pre-cut and should fit right into place.


In a closet where all shelving is
to be installed (no hanging rods), your short cam pins will be used on the (2) top holes and the (2) bottom holes on each outside panel (right and left).

The long cam pins will be used in the center panels these cam pins are double sided and will allow you to attach continuous cam shelves along the top and bottom of your new closet system.

After attaching all top and bottom cams, next insert the shelf pins in the desired locations and install your shelves where needed.

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