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Closet Organizers Installation Guide

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Tools required to remove the existing closet material:

  1. Hammer, crowbar and screwdrivers for removing the old material.

  2. Spackle and spackle knife to fill any holes left from removing the old material.

Tools required to install your new Closet Organizers USA wardrobe system:

  1. Tape measure and pencil

  2. 3' or a 4' Level.

  3. Step ladder

  4. Cordless OR electric drill for securing the hanging rail to the wall studs.

  5. Phillips head screw driver, #2 screw size for tightening the cam lock fittings.

Installation Instructions

1st Step

Remove all old closet material from back and sidewalls. Spackle and paint as needed.

2nd Step

Measure up from the floor and make a mark on the wall at the designated height.  For a standard 8' ceiling, hang the rail at 82".  For lower ceilings, adjust accordingly. Using your level, draw a level line across the back wall at that same height above the floor.

This measurement is very important since this will set the proper height to allow clothing to be double hung where desired (yielding approximately 40" in each area for double hang clothing). This will also give you a top shelf at approximately 12" down from the ceiling, (if your ceiling height is 96").

3rd Step

Locate the wall studs by tapping on the wall to hear density we suggest using a finishing nail or screw to confirm where the wall studs are located. Once you have found a stud, measure 16" over to find the next stud. Repeat this process until all studs are found and marked.

Next, position the track along the line from the level and attach to the wall.  Be sure you have the track in the proper position (with the angle coming toward you on the top) as you proceed.

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