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Closet Organizers Installation Guide

Our closet systems are quick and easy to install. You only need a phillips head screwdriver, pencil, level, electric or battery powered drill, and a few spare hours. The following description details the basic steps needed. Your closet system will ship with complete easy to follow instructions specific to your components.


Basic Steps

  • Begin by measuring up to the specified height from the floor, and make a reference mark on the wall. Then, using a level, draw a level line on the back wall of the closet, from one side of the wall to the other.
  • Next mark on the line you just made, where all of the studs are in the wall (use a stud finder, a nail or knock on the wall to find stud density).
  • Then install the hanging track by bolting it to the wall studs with bolts provided in the installation package. 
  • Once the track is in place you are ready for the panels which simply hang on the track.
  • At this point the vertical components will be ready for installation. Once the vertical components are in place (referencing the plans provided) you will then be ready to install the shelves, draws, hanging rods etc.


Installation Guides

Select the installation guide from the list below:

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